Reliable Repair Solutions to Get You Back to Mining

Don’t let broken equipment drain your revenue. Ensure your mining operations 
stay up and running smoothly, so you can minimize costly equipment downtime
and maximize your profits. We promise a 45-day warranty on ALL repair work, with additional options for maximum coverage!

SustainHash: Reliable ASIC Repair Solutions for Uninterrupted Success

Many Bitcoin miners struggle to find reliable and efficient ASIC repair services for their equipment, leading to costly equipment downtime, decreased productivity, and loss of revenue. SustainHash provides trusted and professional repair services tailored to your needs. Our reliable repair solutions enable you to achieve uninterrupted operations, optimize your mining potential and profits, and preserve your reputation as a trusted player in the market.

How we Help You Thrive in the High-Stakes World of Bitcoin Mining

Reliable Equipment at Competitive Prices

Industry Leading Warranty

Quality Service

Flexible Options and Coverage

Consistent Monitoring for Sites and Equipment

Skilled Repair Technicians

Empowering Your Mining Success

1. Expert Technicians at Your Service

Our team of highly skilled technicians are here to keep your miners working at peak performance.

2. On and Off-site Monitoring for Rapid Response

with site-monitoring options that flex to fit your needs, SustainHash will stay on top of any problem that may arise to keep your business output seamless and worry free.

3. Transparent and Knowledgeable Communications Team

Our in office team is ready and able to answer any questions you may have about the status of your order or site management. 

Hear What Others Are Saying About SustainHash

“SustainHash is the gold standard for reliability and ease of communication. Their customer service is top-notch, and their prices are impressively competitive. I find myself consistently recommending them to friends/clients because they nail it on
all fronts!”

Sarah Tang


“SustainHash is trustworthy, easy to communicate with, has great customer service and competitive prices. I constantly refer them out to people for those reasons.”

Tyson Pleskonko

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