Our Mission; Your Mining

SustainHash is dedicated to expanding the horizons of the Bitcoin Mining sector. Our mission is to promote sustainable business practices within the Bitcoin Mining industry, deliver exceptional service, and ensure quality in across all of our offerings. We stand by the belief that trust should never be a concern when engaging with our vendors, and we envision a promising trajectory for High Performance Computing. Our ongoing goal is to actively contribute to this future.

Our Story

Founded by Mike Shidler and his partner Jon Iskiw, SustainHash emerged from a deep-rooted passion for Mining. Their journey, which began as hobby miners in 2013, was held back by frustrating encounters with scams. It became apparent to them that the mining industry suffered from a lack of trust and transparency, contrary to its core values of freedom and reliability.

This realization led them to ask: Why do we have to question whether an equipment supplier is legitimate or not? Why are quality services and suppliers so scarce in North America?

In response to these pressing questions, SustainHash was born. With a steadfast belief in fostering sustainability across business practices, energy consumption, and e-waste management, they embarked difficult but rewarding journey. Armed with a commitment to innovation, a willingness to confront difficult truths, and a readiness to embrace risk, SustainHash is poised to redefine the boundaries of the Mining industry. Their goal is not merely to succeed but to set a precedent for what Bitcoin Mining service providers and suppliers should aspire to be.

Our Team

Mike Shidler


Jon Iskiw


Paul Palmer


Danielle Jerace


Randy Spencer

Repair Center

 Operations Manager

Alicia Zavir 

Administrative Coordinator

Ken Giesbrecht

Marketing Manager

Sal Ippolito

Systems Administrator


Chief Vibe Officer

Repair Team

Devon Fehr

Electronics Repair Technician

Jordy Steve Chefewou Ngangoum

Electronics Repair Technician

Akash Bhoi 

Electronics Repair Technician

JT Balfour

Mining Operations Technician

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