Complete Coverage for What Matters Most

Your business relies on the functionality of your Bitcoin miners. With SustainHash’s industry-leading ASIC miner warranty coverage, we take on the stress of making sure your machines run smoothly for your sustained peace of mind.

We care about the quality of machines, every step of the way. Our ASIC warranty coverage extends to reseller customers, giving your business an edge against the competition and ensuring higher margins.

 Our operations are within North America so you don’t have to worry about overseas communication or shipping. We are a direct point of contact, making warranty claims easy and efficient.

ASIC Miner Warranty Features:

Diagnostic Fees Included

DOA Coverage for 1 year

Repair of all 3 Hashboards if Needed

Replacement of Fans

Replacement of Power Supply

Replacement of Control Board

All Functional Parts Repaired or Replaced if Needed

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