Reliable Repairs at Competitive Prices

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Repair Prices

Services Price (CAD) Price (USD)

Miner Diagnostics

Discovering issues with a miner

$80 per miner

$65 per miner

Parts Replacement

Fans, power supplies, control boards, etc

$20 + Parts Cost

$15 + Parts Cost

Immersion Preparation

Remove fans, ultrasonic cleaning

$100 per miner

$80 per miner

Immersion Preparation + Test

Immersion prep plus a basic function test

$120 per miner

$95 per miner

Level 1 Hashboard Repair

LDO Reseat/Replace, EEPROM Flash, Temp
Sensor Repairs, MOSFET Replacement



Level 2 Hashboard Repair

Replace up to 5 ASIC chips, Reflows, Chip
Reflows, Voltage Regulators & Coils



Level 3 Hashboard Repair

Advanced microsoldering, pad repair, trace
repair, more than 5 ASIC chips replaced,
Advanced diagnostics



PSU Repair

Antminer or Whatsminer power supply



Control Board Repair

Antminer or Whatsminer control board



Hourly Repair Rate

Hourly rate if a repair exceeds the basic
repair levels




Do you charge for diagnostics?
yes we do. We charge for diagnosing issues with a whole minor. We do not charge a separate diagnostic fee for individual components.
What are shipping rates?

Shipping rates depend on order size and location. We can assist on shipping and make special arrangements if required. Please reach out to us to discuss local and international options. 

Are new chips included in the price?

New chips are not included. To save you money, our technicians skillfully salvage thoroughly tested used chips unless specified by the customer.  

Do you offer bulk pricing?

We do! Please send us a message or request a quote to discuss further.

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“SustainHash is trustworthy, easy to communicate with, has great customer service and competitive prices. I constantly refer them out to people for those reasons.”

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