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Antminer Control Board beaglebone-s19j.s19j-pro

The Antminer S19J / S19J Pro BB BeagleBone Control Board is designed to enhance the performance and reliability of your mining operations. Tailored for the S19J and S19J Pro models, this board control board ensures your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features:

Reliability: Built to withstand continuous mining, reducing downtime and maintenance needs.

Enhanced Connectivity: Stable and fast communication with multiple connectivity options, essential for consistent mining.

Advanced Firmware: Comes with the latest firmware for improved security and performance. Regular updates keep your equipment secure and efficient.

 Customizable Settings: Fine-tune power consumption, fan speed, and temperature to suit your needs. Able to replace control boards that have a microUSB slot in the front, and allow for overclocking/autotuning firmware such as Braiins, Asic.to,  Vnish, HiveOS etc.



Processors: High-speed BeagleBone CPU

Compatibility: For Antminer S19J and S19J Pro models

Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, and GPIO interfaces

Firmware: Latest version pre-installed, easy upgrades available

Power Supply: Compatible with standard Antminer power supplies

Dimensions: 180mm x 140mm x 50mm


28 in stock (can be backordered)

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