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Whatsminer Control board CB6_v10

Upgrade your mining rig with the Whatsminer H616 CB6 V10 Control Board, designed for optimal performance and efficiency. This board is easy to integrate and offers reliable operation, equipped with advanced features to enhance your mining experience.


Key Features:

Compatibility: Works with various Whatsminer models, ensuring adaptability to different setups.

Processing Power: Powered by the H616 CB6 V10 chip for superior mining performance.

Robust Security: Built-in measures protect your operations and assets from threats.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for simple configuration and monitoring.

Reliability: High-quality components ensure consistent performance under demanding conditions.

Firmware Upgrades: Supports updates for integrating new features and improvements.



Processor: H616 CB6 V10

Compatibility: Whatsminer M20 M30 M50

Connectivity: Ethernet, USB

Power Supply: Standard Whatsminer connectors

Firmware: Supports upgradable firmware for continuous improvements

Dimensions: 152mm x 152mm x 25mm


19 in stock (can be backordered)

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